The Healing

The Healing
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This is a flute made with Ebony, American Holly, and Yellowheart.  The flute is keyed in F.  The theme of the flute is a Navajo Ceremony.  The flute begins with a carved yei-bi-cheii along the length of the flute representing the sandpainting that is often used in Navajo Ceremonies.  The "bird" is representative of the the living yei-bi-cheii that is an integral part of the Navajo Winter Ceremonies.  The flute is held up by a stand that represents the four sacred mountains.  I have often been asked if my flutes are healing flutes, which they are not, we do not having healing flutes within the Navajo culture.  However, I have often thought about this idea and so this flute is what I envision as representing a healing contained within a flute.

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Price $1,500.00